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Not since Devoted has such a crappy episode made me so happy. Except for the fact that Devoted was pretty good in a very, very gay - but intentionally funny - way. This episode was bad in the sense that none of the events really made sense, but it may serve as something very important in the season to come.

Let's just get it out of the way now: Lana's plot still doesn't matter. Jane Seymour can hit on Lex all she wants; last time I checked, this was still supposed to be a show about Superman. And Lex Luthor, come to think of it. The writers should get on that.

Oh, and before I forget. Chloe and Lois doing karaoke - Why, yes, Chloe Sullivan and Veronica Mars are the same person, why do you ask?

Anyway, let's just have a moment of silence for Alicia. I know Smallville's had a recent trend of not letting anything good and/or important last more than two episodes (the Crazy!Lex comes to mind, as well as RedK!Clark in Metropolis last season and the Clana Official Relationship at the end of S2, and I expect Chloe's tight lips to follow the pattern), but there really wasn't any reason for Alicia's death besides an easy way to get her out of the way, story-wise. Because, let's face it: Clark/Alicia is the only appealing het pairing the writers have ever put forth (Chlark notwithstanding because...it's Chlark). It's a shame they gave up on it so quickly. Stupid, stupid, lazy writers. I may never forgive you.

I'm not even going to talk about the whole sherrif investigation thing or Bo's and Martha's reactions or the crocodile tears or the needless Lois or the Freak of the Week (that they didn't even attempt to hide, which was refreshing). I don't really know what to think about them. I'll just skip to the juicy part.

CHLOE. Alicia...was a little dumb and, yes, a little crazy to instigate a reveal quite like that, but what can I say? She picked the right person and she picked the right time, and knowing her minutes were numbered didn't stop me from cheering, "That's my girl!". Chloe needed to know, it's just that simple. It's signed her death warrant, and she should have found out halfway through Season 2 (a short time after Pete so she wasn't distanced from the Scooby Gang and forced to get into that whole fucked-up Lionel arc), but I will certainly settle for this. I did so much embarrassing yelling and fist-pumps alone in the office. I'm kind of disappointed that she hadn't already pieced it together, but Allison Mack so did the exact right thing with the situation that I've already forgiven it. I love that her first reaction was the same expression of awe and disbelief and awe that Lex gave in Shattered. And, yeah, her face quickly turned to major, major shock (that lasted the next three scenes), but it never turned to fear, and that is pure Chloe, especially when it comes to Clark. I like the idea of her keeping her knowledge from Clark as well because that's what she would do - so much so that I had assumed she was already doing it. I just hope that she doesn't arrive at her demise before the big coming out (and I don't mean Clark - sorry, cheap shot). That scene will undoubtedly prove to be too intriguing. Consider me hooked, Smallville - for now, at least.

Oh, and Clark? Is a Big Dumb Alien. Just making sure we had that covered.
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