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I am willing to bet that your town doesn't have a snazzy carpet style named after it.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

I totally haven't updated in fucking forever, and for that I feel terrible. I've been simultaneously busy and bored for the past few weeks, but I never really felt I had something to say. There's nothing really to tell you about. My hair was straight for the past couple days, but now the curls are back with a vengeance. The FDR trial in history has come and gone. Same with midterms. I still hate my Spanish teacher. I called Alex a cunt. I read The Great Gatsby. I read the first Superman/Batman trade. Julie applied my makeup. I fenced. I sang. I smiled. Lots. Life is good.

Fencing ended today; it was the last practice, anyway. I'm sad to see the season end. It was a great group of kids who got along in a way I never expected it to. So many kids are graduated in the spring that I don't think we'll be able to recapture it. Most of the team - including some guys - kissed a shirt (with lipstick, you know) for Benson because he was such a great captain. I'm not sure whether he liked it or not. It was fun, though. The whole season was fun. Definitely my best ever sports experience.

That's...all I had to say. Golly. Guess I'll have to update again.
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