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Dear Ben McKenzie,

Congratulations on your success with The OC. Like most of America (or at least those of us under 21), I am a huge fan of the show and have been following the trials and tribulations of your character, Ryan Atwood, since they began in August of 2003. On numerous occasions, your facial expressions and willingness to indulge in self-parody have impressed me. Despite occasional ridicule from some of my friends, you and your costars have reaffirmed my love for good television and have made me proud to be an OC fan.

That being said, the letter is intended to offer sympathy. After weeks – nay, months – of research, my esteemed colleagues and I have come to the conclusion that your personage is sadly absent from most, if not all, teen magazines. Now, we realize that this particular brand of publicity is not of the most highbrow variety, but we cannot help but notice that you are the only one of the visible OC quartet not included in the fun. Mischa Barton seems to be the picture of perfect hair, skin, and makeup; Rachel Bilson is widely recognized for her sassy fashions; Adam Brody seems to be the world’s perfect guy. In fact, Brody’s predicament is what most concerns me.

During our extensive research, we found that almost every bit of evidence pointed to you, and not Adam, being poised as the breakout star of The OC: It was you who was the least experienced, you who was the sympathetic outcast in a world of rich snobs, you who had the “hunky bod” ideal for teen TV, dressed in those ubiquitous white wife beaters. And yet it was Adam who emerged as an off-beat heartthrob to millions of teenage girls weaned on monotonous, hunk-filled WB dramas. Brody is far from the only reason for the show’s success, but it must have been unexpected for him to contribute as much as he has. True, he deserves recognition for his comic stylings after paying his dues on both the WB and MTV (and in Grind, for which I will never, ever forgive him). Nevertheless, it’s quite unsettling that the teen beat has strayed so far from the beaten path of generic jocks and soulful brooders. But you, Mr. McKenzie – you are the one who was born for both categories, and you should have been the obvious choice for adoration. It is based on this obscene oversight that I offer my pity here.

So keep doing what you’re doing, deadpanning how you’re deadpanning; I can assure you that it’s being enjoyed, no matter what the cover of Tiger Beat may imply. Encourage Adam to continue to be the anti-hunk – no matter how popular and mainstream he gets, I’ll still have more in common with Seth Cohen than any are willing to admit, which is fun. And thank you for fitting a mold so well, and for not rushing to fill the shoes of your waxen-haired, washboard-abbed predecessors. God knows we didn’t need anymore of you.

Best wishes to you and the rest of the OC family.

With respect,
A loyal fan


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