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Spent the evening with JT, Sarah and Julie. The situation was actually very calm, as we had a hair-braiding line and read magazines. The trio also wrote poetry, but because I cannot do the same comfortably, I occupied myself with, like, prose.

Here are two very random, very small pieces of fiction that I got down.

a.) There was a time - one day last year - when Jesus was gay. I'm not quite sure where the thought came from, but there it was, sparkling in my mind's eye like so many purple sequins. It would be a rich joke, I guess, were it true. Not very funny, but rich. Jesus was like that.

b.) She didn't have the energy to play another set, though she wasn't sure the audience wanted her, if she had. There was a sense of selfishness in playing a show, in shamelessly promoting yourself while other people choose not to care. She had never been totally comfortable with the idea, but she went through with it anyway. It was the remnant of an ancient, teenage dream - that rock star, that mysterious girl to the side, that schoolwide enigma that no one could really be. She certainly wasn't that, but since she had plastic glasses and a wawa pedal, she could pretend. Who knows? Maybe she was that enigma to somebody, or at least the mold of it. She could settle for that; it was as close as she ever expected to get. And if she could get even there, maybe she could pull out a few more minutes on stage after all. That is, if the audience wanted her.


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