You know what I never noticed until tonight? That, when the sky is foggy, lights reflect off of the fog. Like, I’ve noticed it, but tonight I really saw it. When we were passing the New York skyline on the helix out of the Lincoln Tunnel. It was kind of breathtaking. As well as the lightning over Secaucus. I remember now why I used to love thunderstorms.

So I’ve had a busy weekend so far. After school yesterday, Meredith and I went to the gym at the YMCA, which was actually kind of fun. Then I went home for like an hour and went to Bri’s house for her birthday party. We went to the Avon store at the mall and this really bitchy lady there told me that A) I’ll start to wear makeup when I “bloom,” as she did, and also B) I look terrible in ‘fuck me’ magenta lipstick, which is my favorite shade thankyouverymuch. It was still fun getting made up by everyone. Then we went back to Bri’s house and did…stuff and broke a piñata and I fell asleep early in the easy chair and when I woke up again I had missed like a billion fun games and we were watching Bridget Jones 2. And then I fell asleep again and when I woke up next it was 8:30 in the morning and everyone was sleeping so I knit in the dark for a half hour and yes I brought my knitting to Bri’s party but I’m almost out of ugly salmon yarn so SHUT UP.


Today, Mom took me into the city because she was getting a haircut at Devachan and I was going with Abbie, our old friend, and her niece Lauren to see Hairspray. The show was great (despite the dogged efforts of Bruce Vilanch) and it was great seeing them. I also got cool necklaces. Then all of us, including my mom, ate at the Ruby Foo’s in Times Square before we fled the city in fear (it was raining and, well, you know my mom). I am in love with Times Square, by the way.

The whole experience of the past two days was a lot more rushed than it sounds, but it was fun anyway. Tomorrow I’m seeing my aunt Caren at one-ish, then hopefully going to dinner and a movie with Joel, on the off-chance his mother suspends his odd grounding for my sake. Is Sin City out yet? If so, Frank Miller movie on Jay Garrick’s birthday, y’all.

Why is it still raining? This isn’t even fun rain. This is Jeff Buckley rain. Seriously, I immediately put in Grace on the way in, but my mom didn’t like it and I put in Modest Mouse, and it should be Modest Mouse rain, but it’s just not. I’d even prefer Coldplay rain over this. Unbelievable.
Tomorrow is Mxy's birthday. Also, it's April Fools Day. I love Mxy but hate April's Fools day. So conflicted.

I'm currently in the process of making a mix for Bri's birthday party and, consequently, her present. After going through my entire 3000+ song library, I dropped 53 songs into the playlist. This is going to take a while.

Other stuff to say...there isn't much. This week is just flying by, and I'm really enjoying myself. Mrs. Longo is assigning a short story (finally) and she says I can write a Superman fic story! I'm so excited. It just has to be a defined plot about protest or some such. Writing a superhero story practically does that for me. I'm so excited that I wrote, like, a paragraph on the bus. My first sentence is Clark Kent was not, by nature, a confrontational guy. Best. Assignment. Ever.

In other nerd news, Veronica Mars and Lost were both new this week for the first time in ever, and they both kicked ass. One had snickerdoodles and Archie references, and one had Crazy!Swoosie Kurtz and Creepy!Ian Somerhalder. Guess which is which.

In other normal news, I took a Chem test today and it turned out that Alex and I had the exact same answers. Which is good for me, I think. I'm excited either way. Then, in my next class, Manette asked me how long I've been going out with "that kid," which is the first time I've gotten that Question. Heh. The best part is that she went to preschool with Joel. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Also, Chris Benson apologized for being a douche about my hair and I admitted to helping Sundeep kill Dev and thereby helping Neigel win Assassin.

Sorry if this entry isn't making any sense.

Um...what else? I'm actually still knitting, on and off. And they said it wouldn't last. I'm going to buy cool yarn soon so I can make a real scarf that doesn't suck. Bri's party is tomorrow, and then I'm going to see Hairspray on Saturday, which I'm very excited about. Today was Mr. Mooney's 40th birthday. That's...good, I guess.

So, that's me. I'm just chilling, so to speak.

Ooh! This sounds fun! Stolen from Cindy's xanga (which is a thing of beauty):

Ask me any three questions and I'll answer truthfully. The more outrageous and embarrassingly personal the better.


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