Made an On-The-Go playlist today that actually worked really nicely. Also, the two songs called "Ooh La La" in a row was a complete accident. That's just the kind of day it's been.

Hello, sunshine )

Great day. It's beautiful and springy and I'm wearing a dangly necklace and Alex is fucking tired and Joel and Meredith and Emily and Steph are all in a good mood and JT's in a better mood because he's happy about the whole pope thing. And it was just very nice.

That's all. I'm happy. I'm in love. The sky is a great shade of blue. This is why I love spring.
You know what I never noticed until tonight? That, when the sky is foggy, lights reflect off of the fog. Like, I’ve noticed it, but tonight I really saw it. When we were passing the New York skyline on the helix out of the Lincoln Tunnel. It was kind of breathtaking. As well as the lightning over Secaucus. I remember now why I used to love thunderstorms.

So I’ve had a busy weekend so far. After school yesterday, Meredith and I went to the gym at the YMCA, which was actually kind of fun. Then I went home for like an hour and went to Bri’s house for her birthday party. We went to the Avon store at the mall and this really bitchy lady there told me that A) I’ll start to wear makeup when I “bloom,” as she did, and also B) I look terrible in ‘fuck me’ magenta lipstick, which is my favorite shade thankyouverymuch. It was still fun getting made up by everyone. Then we went back to Bri’s house and did…stuff and broke a piñata and I fell asleep early in the easy chair and when I woke up again I had missed like a billion fun games and we were watching Bridget Jones 2. And then I fell asleep again and when I woke up next it was 8:30 in the morning and everyone was sleeping so I knit in the dark for a half hour and yes I brought my knitting to Bri’s party but I’m almost out of ugly salmon yarn so SHUT UP.


Today, Mom took me into the city because she was getting a haircut at Devachan and I was going with Abbie, our old friend, and her niece Lauren to see Hairspray. The show was great (despite the dogged efforts of Bruce Vilanch) and it was great seeing them. I also got cool necklaces. Then all of us, including my mom, ate at the Ruby Foo’s in Times Square before we fled the city in fear (it was raining and, well, you know my mom). I am in love with Times Square, by the way.

The whole experience of the past two days was a lot more rushed than it sounds, but it was fun anyway. Tomorrow I’m seeing my aunt Caren at one-ish, then hopefully going to dinner and a movie with Joel, on the off-chance his mother suspends his odd grounding for my sake. Is Sin City out yet? If so, Frank Miller movie on Jay Garrick’s birthday, y’all.

Why is it still raining? This isn’t even fun rain. This is Jeff Buckley rain. Seriously, I immediately put in Grace on the way in, but my mom didn’t like it and I put in Modest Mouse, and it should be Modest Mouse rain, but it’s just not. I’d even prefer Coldplay rain over this. Unbelievable.
Yet another night of tired procrastination. It's starting to become a theme. I've been working on a paper for English about The Great Gatsby, but as usual, I've made it incredibly difficult for myself. I have to talk to my teacher about letting me start the introduction without a quote from the book, which is really an inane requirement. Also, I want to write something about how Gatsby equals jazz, but none of my literary criticism is about that and I basically have to bullshit everything. I mean, I'm a bullshitter extraordinaire, but still. Research papers are not typically enjoyable for me.

My dad took this picture at dawn this morning from his studio in Times Sqaure. For the sake of keeping up appearances, I fiddled around with it a bit in PhotoShop, but the colors and composition are all original. It's kind of breathtaking, actually.

I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps )

I wore a skirt today for the first time since maybe November or early December. It was nice. I was more comfortable than I expected to be. Except when I went outside. Then it sucked. I hate when it's below freezing and we have fire drills. Damn you, Stotler.

Orchestra business galore this week. My audition was today, for second semester seating. I officially hate Gregor Handel. I don't think I'll keep the section leader stool. On the other hand, we're setting up rooms for the Boston trip, and I'm going to be hanging/sleeping in the vicinity of Meredith, Sarah and Kristin Dahly. It is going to be kickass, from what I can tell. Party time, guys. So, in conclusion, Dev's a bitch for freaking out at us for talking a bit in rehearsal, but then she gives JT, Meredith and me multiple free candy bars. Which basically means that Dev is weird. And yet we love her. I think.

What else has been going on? Nothing. I suck at calculator games. Neigel has a lighted, rotating tie rack. There is, apparently, a calculator function that solves quadratic formulas, like, thanks guys for telling us that now and not three years ago. My Spanish teacher is still a raging bitch, but I got to use a homework pass today. I'm seeing Grease tomorrow night, and I'm expecting a train wreck, so I'll probably be impressed in some regard.

Also, I think I'm in love with Harry and the Potters.
Yeah, I'm officially a huge dork.

This is a soundtrack of sorts I made for F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby - or really, more of a soundtrack to one of Gatsby's infamous parties. It's a combination of authentic 20's jazz (Lionel Belasco, Zoot Sims), imitation 20's jazz (Vince Giordano, off the Ghost World soundtrack), 30's and 40's big band (Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald), imitation big band (Bjork), new stuff that sounds old (Nellie McKay, Jamie Cullum) and the Triplets of Belleville soundtrack, weirdly enough. I'm actually quite pleased with how it came out. Plus, it represents one of the weirder corners of my musical taste.

And so I present to you...

The Party Next Door: A Great Gatsby Soundtrack
Generique D'Ouverture Triplets of Belleville
I Must Have It Vince Giordano's Nighthawks
Venezuela Lionel Belasco
I Get A Kick Out Of You Jamie Cullum
Bach A La Jazz Triplets of Belleville
I Wanna Get Married Nellie McKay
Our Love Is Here To Stay Dinah Washington
Georgia On My Mind Vince Giordano's Nighthawks
It's Oh So Quiet Bjork
Blinuet Zoot Sims
Rue St. Vincent Yves Montand
You're Just My Type Vince Giordano's Nighthawks
Attila Marcel Triplets of Belleville
Clarice Vince Giordano's Nighthawks
Manhattan Avenue Nellie McKay
Dream A Little Dream Ella Fitzgerald
My Funny Valentine Ben Webster

Here's the front cover: Again, huge dork here )

If anyone wants a copy, please let me know. I know jazz isn't everyone's cup of tea - especially old timey stuff like this - so I'll wait to get requests before I start up the factory. Oh, and JT? I already burned you one.

In other news, happy Valentine's day, all. I had a good one.
Music quiz #59207657 )

Today was pleasantly pleasant, which is exactly the pace I needed on a day like this. Meredith and I went bowling. I love to bowl, despite being unspeakably horrible at it. Like, I don't even mean that in a humble, self-deprecating way. David, Ben, and now Meredith can testify that I am one of the worst bowlers in the tri-state area, at least. Last summer, I bowled a 12, I kid you not. Today I actually got as high as 65, but still. I'm awful. But I love it.

So Meredith and I had a great time just hanging out. The guy that gave us our shoes was an asshole, though, because he looked at me funny for way too long after I told him I wanted my name on the monitor to be Batman. Like, screw you, bowling alley guy. I'm the customer, I'm paying you $26.01 to stink up the place, and I'm feeling some Justice League Unlimited love right now, so I would appreciate you taking the limited effort to tell the computer that my name is Batman. It actually has one less letter than my actual first name, so you should be thanking me. Know that I didn't say any of this, but it was implied in my incredulous but chastising glare, let me tell you.

After that, Meredith went home and my family had dinner, and then I got ice cream from Dairy Queen and got my dad to watch Sports Night with me. It was his first time, so I started with the pilot, and then went right to Eli's Coming, which is, again, the cream of the crop, in my opinion. And wow, too many commas in that sentence. Anyway. I think Dad liked it, which is a miracle because he loves to criticize things I like, and I really thought he would find the repetitive Sorkin dialogue annoying. So I'm happy about that. I'm also happy because Sports Night, still, rocks hardcore.

And then I came right to the computer and reread The Quality Of Mercy for the billionth time, because I am, indeed, a huge. Ass. Nerd. And I'm also a nutty nut girl who's nuts. That was totally a Sports Night quote, by the way.

I forgot to say also that Meredith and I cast The BR, assuming the characters are modelled after The OC. It actually works out surprisingly well. Observe: Meredith, who was wearing a white tee, jeans and a leather wrist cuff today, is clearly Ryan. That makes me, her good friend with a quick tongue and endless comic references, the honorable Seth Cohen. In turn, Joel is Summer, and his skinny, tall best friend Dan is Marissa. JT, finishing off the Ryan-Seth trio with a balance of our interests, is Luke. Which somehow makes Julie Oliver The Crack Addict. We're not casting for Lindsay, Alex or Zach because we agree that Season Two sucks.

Anyhow. I need a BR icon or something.

School, in its normal state, resumes tomorrow, which is sad. The good news is that that sentence is grammatically correct.


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